Fisherbrand™ Graduated Polypropylene Cryotubes with stand, 1000tk



49 mm
12.5 mm
2 mL

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Polypropylene with highest translucence. Use these tubes for the storing and conservation of tissue cultures and biological samples. Fisherbrand™ Graduated Polypropylene Cryotubes are ideal for applications to -90°C in the gaseous phase of liquid nitrogen or in freezers.


  • Sterilized by beta-radiation according to EN ISO 11137
  • Lid with integrated sealing function; no additional silicone O-ring
  • Internal conical bottom for complete emptying
  • White graduations for precise measurement
  • White lettering for sample identification
  • Available with internal or external threads
  • Equipped with base for using with one hand
  • 2.0 ml, 4.0 ml and 5.0 ml tubes available also with round bottom
  • Packaged in PE bags of 50 tubes in boxes
  • Free of DNA, DNase, pyrogens and ATP


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