Atrow™ Stainless Steel Tube Rack


Usable in both hot and cold conditions. Atrow™ Stainless Steel Tube Rack is a range of tabletop tube holders made of sturdy stainless steel. The rack does not rust or float. Options are available to securely hold 12–24 hemolysis tubes in three different well sizes.



  • Tube diameters: 10–13mm, 16–20mm or 22–25mm
  • Positions: 12, 24 or 48 places
  • Array options: 1×12, 4×3, 4×6 or 4×12

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4 x 6
150mm x 100mm x 65mm
16 to 20 mm Tubes
Test Tube Rack
20 mm
For Test Tube
Stainless Steel
1 Each
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