CellVue® NIR815 Fluorescent Cell Labeling Kit


The CellVue NIR815 cell labeling kit uses proprietary membrane labeling technology to stably incorporate CellVue NIR815, a fluorescent dye with long aliphatic tails, into lipid regions of the cell membrane 1 . The labeling buffer provided with the kit (Diluent C) is an iso-osmotic aqueous solution which contains no physiological salts or buffers, detergents, or organic solvents and is designed to maintain cell viability while maximizing dye solubility and staining efficiency. The labeling efficiency of staining is dependent upon the cell type being labeled and the membranes of the cells

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Kit Components

  • CellVue NIR815 dye stock (1 vial containing 0.1 mL, 1 x 10 -3 M in ethanol)
  • Diluent C (1 vial containing 10 mL, sufficient for 5 labeling reactions)
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