Chameleon® Vue Pre-stained Protein Ladder (250 µl)


The Chameleon Vue Pre-stained Protein Ladder offers multi-colored, pre-stained proteins for molecular weight estimation. This pre-stained protein ladder:

  • Allows easy visualization of gel migration and protein size.
  • Provides a vibrant color scheme that allows you to quickly orient your gel or membrane.
  • Can be used for chemiluminescent detection when paired with the WesternSure® Pen.
  • Is optimized for use with Bis-Tris and Tris-Glycine gels.

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The Chameleon Vue Pre-stained Protein Ladder consists of:

  • Nine recombinant protein bands (8 – 260 kDa)
  • One green reference band (8 kDa)
  • Three orange reference bands (38, 70, and 260 kDa)
  • Five blue reference bands (15, 25, 50, 90, and 125 kDa)


Chameleon Vue Pre-stained Protein Ladder
Representative visible image (left) of the Chameleon Vue Pre-stained Protein Ladder resolved on a 4-12% Bis-Tris Gel and transferred to nitrocellulose via wet tank transfer. The chemiluminescent image (right) was generated using the WesternSure Pen (P/N 926-91000). Pre-stained bands were annotated with the Pen followed by exposure to WesternSure ECL Substrate. The blot was scanned on the C-DiGit® Blot Scanner for 6 minutes.
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-20 ° C


250 µl

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