Odyssey® M imaging system

Odyssey® M Imaging System – Fuel scientific discovery with the power of multiple imagers in one.

Explore new opportunities – One multimodal imager provides you and your lab with unmatched application versatility and data quality.

The Odyssey M fills the role of a Western blot imager, plate reader, slide scanner, luminescence imager, and more. Perform membrane-, plate-, gel-, and slide-based assays–all on one system.

Prepare your lab for the future with 18 imaging channels in dozens of combinations, including near-infrared and visible fluorescence, bio- and chemiluminescence, and RGB true color. Provide your team with the versatility to adapt to a multitude of research options.

Dozens of applications options enable you to take your virus, cancer, or microbiome research to new heights–whether that be winning a grant or driving a therapeutic toward clinical trials. Be at the forefront of novel applications, such as whole slide triage imaging, as the scientific community learns the potential of the Odyssey M.

Optimize resource usage

The versatility of the Odyssey M Imager makes it an economical choice for your lab.

Because the Odyssey M performs the role of multiple imagers in one, you get the most out of your lab resources. The Odyssey M replaces the following instruments–meaning it could save you up to 59 percent by eliminating the need to purchase multiple imagers.

Not only can the Odyssey M free up funds, but it can also free up bench space to simplify your work area while maximizing your imaging options. Additionally, you can significantly lower your costs to store digital slide images with whole slide triage imaging.

More info at https://www.licor.com/bio/odyssey-dlx/ or cc@carlova.ee

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Reclaim your time

From acquisition through analysis, quickly get the results you need to answer research questions–or to ask new ones.

The Odyssey M provides a large scan area and a dynamic range of more than 6 logs. Where possible, all data is captured in one acquisition–without rescanning. New Odyssey M applications, such as whole slide triage imaging, enable you to complete your work in a fraction of the time.

The Odyssey M uses innovative software to multiply your efforts and make the most out of your time in the lab. User-definable scan areas in LI-COR Acquisition Software ensure you only scan the regions you’re interested in, and Empiria Studio® Software streamlines your statistical analysis to yield in-depth results in minutes–not hours.

Get reliable results

The industry’s most sophisticated imager enables you to make discoveries and decisions quickly with confidence.

The line confocal scanning system of the Odyssey M utilizes sCMOS sensor technology to deliver an industry-leading 5-micron resolution. This system provides uniform illumination and optimal sensitivity across all 18 channels to see even subtle changes.

The 5-micron resolution provides exceptional detail for tissue section imaging, and over 6-logs of dynamic range eliminates imager saturation in biologically relevant samples. The Odyssey M Imager delivers the most accurate results to keep your research moving forward.

Acquire and analyze consistently

The Odyssey M Imaging System pairs your Odyssey M Imager with LI-COR Acquisition Software and Empiria Studio Software to maximize data quality, consistency, and replicability using best practices provided by industry experts.

To minimize variability, all images are captured using the same optical settings. Users don’t need to alter exposure time or laser intensity to obtain non-saturated images, and image adjustments never change the raw data.

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Odyssey imagers, known for consistent, high-quality imaging, have delivered for biological scientists around the world in over 25,000 peer-reviewed publications. See how you and your lab can explore new research opportunities while saving time and money with one imager that fills the role of many. Contact us for more information:

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