Odyssey® XF Imaging System

Odyssey® XF Imaging System – Get clearer answers with accurate, replicable Western blots and DNA gels.

See more with additional channels and clearer images

Image your near-infrared (NIR) and enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) Western blots, detect multiple targets on the same blot with two channel multiplex fluorescence, and document DNA gels all on the same imager, without juggling multiple instruments.

See the full story in a single image

Increase the consistency and accuracy of your Western blot results by capturing a single image, without comparing multiple exposures or changing camera settings. The patented FieldBrite XT2 optics that power the Odyssey XF allow you to get the best image every time.

See more with more channels

Detect your chemiluminescent or NIR Western blots and document DNA gels on the same imager without juggling multiple instruments. Document your agarose and PAGE gels stained with Ethidium Bromide, SYBR® Safe, SYBR Green I, and many other widely used DNA stains.

Do more with consistent, accurate digital imaging

Capture uniform, low-background images that are not subjected to image correction. Because post-capture image manipulation is not required, the Odyssey XF provides superior data reliability.

Get the highest quality images without artificial software enhancements

Other digital imagers have been known to modify images after capture to correct for non-uniform image brightness or to artificially improve the exposure. Other imagers manipulate images post-capture by:

  • Binning: Some CCD imagers combine groups of pixels to improve signal-to-noise ratio, which reduces image resolution.
  • Flat fielding: Other CCD imagers need to correct for non-uniform illumination caused by the lens, filter, or other optical components. These imagers alter image data through a software algorithm called “flat fielding” to compensate for non-uniformity.
  • Image stacking: Some imagers acquire many images to get the nicest looking data. These imagers will select the best image from a “stack” of images.

The patented optics of the Odyssey XF deliver uniform, low background images every time with no post-capture image manipulation. With the Odyssey XF, you can be confident you have the most accurate, replicable data.

More info at https://www.licor.com/bio/odyssey-xf/ or cc@carlova.ee

Discover more with richer, more complete data

Get consistent, accurate digital images so you can analyze your data right away and plan your next experiment.

See more without changing settings or sacrificing data integrity

Capture the true detail and complexity of your data. With 6 logs of linear dynamic range, your results are more reliable. Near-infrared fluorescence delivers consistent signals that aren’t affected by timing.

Capture all of your Western blot data (weak and strong) in clear, low-background images every time without adjusting camera settings. To see the whole picture, you need enough capacity (dynamic range) to consistently document your strongest bands. This allows for accurate comparison within and between labs and experiments.

Imaging applications

The versatile imaging technology of the Odyssey XF Imager is optimized for a variety of applications, helping propel the Odyssey imager family to over 25,000 peer-reviewed publications.

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