Sapphire700™ Stain for Cell Viability Assays and In-Cell Western™ Assay Normalization (100 µl)


Sapphire700 Stain is a non-specific cell stain that accumulates in both the nucleus and cytoplasm of fixed or dead cells, but not live cells. When used to stain serial dilutions of A431 cells in 96-well plates, Sapphire700 Stain displays linearity of fluorescent signal for higher cell densities, from ~50,000 to ~250,000 cells/well.

Simultaneous staining of cells with Sapphire700 and DRAQ5®(Biostatus, Ltd.) Stains expands the linear range, allowing more accurate normalization of cell number across both low and high cell densities.

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Use Sapphire700 Stain and DRAQ5 Stain as Normalizing Agents for ICW Assays

Dilutions of A431 cells were plated on clear, flat-bottomed 96-well plates, then fixed and permeabilized. Cells were stained with DRAQ5 stain alone, Sapphire700 stain alone, or both stains combined. Top: Two-fold dilutions of cells, over a wide range of cell densities (0 – 200,000 cells/well). Bottom: Closer examination of linearity of signal over the range of 25,000 – 250,000 cells/well, in dilution increments of 25,000 cells.
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