WesternSure® Pre-stained Chemiluminescent Protein Ladder (250µl)


Western blot workflows with chemiluminescent protein ladders are prone to complications:

  • Your ladder may require strep-tagged HRP
  • Your ladder may rely on IgG binding sites to be detected by an HRP secondary antibody
  • Trial and error may be required to optimize loading volume for your ladder

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Remove Complications from Your Chemiluminescent Western Workflow

The WesternSure chemiluminescent protein ladder is the only pre-stained, multi-colored protein ladder for both film and digital chemiluminescence detection.

  • Fits with your current protocol without optimization
  • Does not rely on strep-tagged HRP or secondary antibody binding
  • Works with a variety of substrates
  • Provides a vibrant color scheme that allows you to quickly orient your membrane

Not sure which protein ladder to choose? Learn more about how to choose the right protein ladder.


  • Nine recombinant protein bands (8 to 260 kDa)
  • One green reference band (8 kDa)
  • Three orange reference bands (38, 70, and 260 kDa)


WesternSure Prestained Protein Chemiluminescent Protein Ladder Data
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