WesternSure® ECL Stripping Buffer for Chemiluminescent Westerns (100 ml)


WesternSure ECL Stripping Buffer is ideal for stripping and reprobing chemiluminescent Western blots. This Western blot stripping buffer:

  • Removes primary and secondary antibodies from PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes
  • Maintains target antigen integrity for efficient reprobing
  • Does not require hazardous shipping, unlike many other stripping buffers

Stripping buffers are not recommended if bands need to be quantified.

Note: WesternSure ECL Stripping Buffer is not recommended for loading amounts over 30 µg. It will demonstrate decreased performance when used at 2X or 5X concentration and heating the solution will not increase the stripping efficiency.

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WesternSure ECL Stripping Buffer is provided as a 5X concentrated solution. It is stored at room temperature.


100 ml




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