IRDye® 680RD Protein Labeling Kits (low molecular weight)


IRDye 680RD Protein Labeling Kits can be used to label antibodies and other proteins for Western blotting, In-Cell Western assays, in vivo imaging, and whole organ or tissue section applications.

Low Molecular Weight

Optimized for labeling 1.0 mg of protein with molecular weight 14 – 45 kDa.

This kit contains:

    • 3 x 0.5 mg IRDye 680RD Reactive Dye vials
    • 0.5 mL 1 M Potassium Phosphate (K2HPO4), pH 9
    • 25 mL 1X PBS
    • 0.5 mL ultra-pure water
    • 3 x Pierce Zeba Desalting Spin Columns (P/N 89891)

Note: The minimum recommended protein molecular weight for these columns is 7 kDa. See IRDye Peptide Labeling Guide for options.

  • Pierce Zeba Desalting Spin column instructions
  • Protocol for IRDye 680RD Protein Labeling Kit – Low MW

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