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Fisherbrand™ 4-Way Tube Rack


Rotate each rack for the tube size you need. Each rack can accommodate:

  • 4 x 50mL conical tubes (Well Dia: 30mm),
  • 12 x 15mL conical tubes (Well Dia: 17.5mm),
  • 32 x 1.5mL microtubes (Well Dia: 11.6mm), or
  • 32 x 0.5mL microtubes (Well Dia: 8.2mm).

Connect racks to increase the capacity of your tube rack:

  • Unique system of tabs and slots that can link together
  • Create as large a rack as you need for your benchtop applications
  • Available in a range of colors for fun color-coding and easy identification


17.4 x 9.5 x 5.2cm
Tubes (4 x 50 mL Conical, 12 x 15 mL Conical, 32 x 1.5 mL Microtubes or 32 x 0.5 mL Microtubes)
4-Way Microtube Rack
Assorted (Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow)
5.2 cm
17.4 cm
9.5 cm


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Customize your tube rack. Fisherbrand™ Interlocking Four-Way Tube Racks employ an ingenious system of interlocking, 4-way racks. Rotate racks to accommodate 50mL, 15mL, 1.5mL or 0.5mL tubes, then link them together for whatever size rack you need. Made of sturdy, autoclavable polypropylene.


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