Odyssey® DLx Imaging System

See your bands reliably with stable fluorescent signals

Fluorescent signals are stable and unaffected by timing, so you can compare band intensities with confidence. You can even conveniently re-image the same blot on the Odyssey DLx later and see the same results.

See multiple targets on the same blot

With multiplex fluorescence, you can detect two protein targets in each sample lane, with great sensitivity in both fluorescence channels. Use secondary antibodies labeled with spectrally-distinct NIR fluorescent dyes to get more data from your blot. View, adjust, and analyze your results as a merged image, or as separate 700 nm and 800 nm channel images in pseudo-color or grayscale. Consistency and accuracy are improved because you can account for lane-to-lane variation in loading and transfer without stripping and re-probing.

More info at https://www.licor.com/bio/odyssey-dlx/ or cc@carlova.ee

Odyssey® DLx Imaging System – Get clearer answers with accurate, replicable Western blots and many other assays.

Do more with digital fluorescence – Get consistent, accurate digital images, without the hassles and unpredictability of film – so you can analyze your data right away and plan your next experiment.

Go where your experiments take you – Western blots, cell-based assays, protein arrays, gel shift assays, tissue section imaging, and more are at your fingertips with near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence on the Odyssey DLx.

Image and analyze your samples quickly – Analyze your data right away – it’s already in digital format. One digital file contains all your image data. Record-keeping is easy and multiple exposures are a thing of the past.

See the full story in a single image

See both strong and faint signals clearly in a single image acquired on the Odyssey DLx, with great sensitivity and no image saturation. Multiplex with two fluorescent colors to see even more data. One digital image file contains all your data so you can see both strong and faint signals clearly in a single image, without image saturation, “blowout”, or sacrificing sensitivity. Increase the consistency and reliability of your results by capturing a single image with the Odyssey DLx, rather than comparing multiple exposures captured under variable conditions.

Get better sensitivity with low image background

Powerful, precise laser excitation and specialized optics enable the Odyssey DLx to provide high signal-to-noise ratios and outstanding image quality.

To image and analyze many samples efficiently, use the Odyssey DLx to scan up to 9 mini-blots, 6 microplates, or 30 slides at the same time. The large scanning bed provides high throughput for many assays. High signal-to-noise ratios give you more confidence in your data and can help you reliably detect subtle changes between samples. Low background fluorescence at NIR wavelengths means high sensitivity for your blots.

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