WesternSure® PREMIUM Chemiluminescent Substrate (100 ml kit)


WesternSure PREMIUM Chemiluminescent Substrate is a highly sensitive, enhanced substrate for detecting horseradish peroxidase (HRP) on immunoblots.

  • Sensitivity comparable with SuperSignal® West Dura for greater than 60 minutes post-incubation
  • Most intense signal with longest duration
  • Ideal for use with digital imaging systems

The substrate pack contains Luminol Enhancer Solution and Stable Peroxidase Solution.

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Comparison of Three Scans Using WesternSure PREMIUM Substrate

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
WesternSure Chemiluminescent Substrate Comparison on C-DiGit®Blot Scanner. WesternSure PREMIUM substrate was used to detect actin in two-fold serial dilutions of C32 lysate (10 μg/well – 1.2 ng/well). Limit of detection was identical (8 bands) after the first two 12-minute scans. WesternSure PREMIUM continued to detect all 8 bands.
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